Saturday Concert 25/7/2015

Saturday Concert Amanda Clayton Karl Keegan and the SSFF Choir. 25.7.15
Sincere thanks to everybody who took part and helped make our concert such a success on Saturday. It was a lovely evening..
Thank you Amanda, thank you Karl. Your singing was lovely.
Thank you to Doreen you organised us practised us taught us and lead us. It has taken over two years we are getting there! thanks to you. Your piano accompaniment and link up was excellent your booklet printing and general organisation helped to make this concert so enjoyable and successful. Everybody enjoys singing together thanks to you
Thank you, Margaret for being the compere .- you did well.
Our thanks go to Sheila for a lovely poem about a cup of tea; to Sylvia for a Lancastrian rendering of the Biggest aspidistra in the World;. to the Singing for fun choir all nine of us. Jean, Sheila, Sylvia, Edna, Teena, Margaret, Jim, Michael and Keith, well done.
We have stuck together and turned up to sing each Friday I know how hard we have worked so as to give this lovely concert, it was great!
We thank those who were behind the scene welcoming collecting, selling, tea making and washing up.
It was yet again a lovely supper all nicely laid out easy to see and plenty to enjoy. Thank you to everybody who provided and brought along the food.
My hope is for the choir is for us to continue to grow in numbers and to be able to offer support and entertainment for the many small church groups and others who meet and would like an afternoon of music and fun. Contact Doreen on 01723- 870455 if we can be of help with your group.
Anybody who likes to sing and would like to join with us: simply come along on a Friday afternoon 2pm to 3pm. No previous experience is necessary and Seamer Methodist Church is an excellent place in which to sing.
There is always fun and friendship as well as a big welcome when we sing that is why we enjoy it so much.. So Please do come and join us, it is good fun to be together.
. A lovely concert a great evening and many friends from the villages and from the circuit churches came along which was lovely to see. Over £300.00 was raised for the Church Restoration Fund!
Our prayers must surely be prayers of thanks and blessing to all who joined with us to help make a super Saturday concert
X Jim L.

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